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Chronicle is an ERC-20 token from the ethereum network  to serve the needy Chronicle a crypto currency charity project deployed on the ethereum blockchain to serves humanity and provide critical access to financial services to anyone in the world. Our vision for the project is to provide access to a wide range of digital currency projects and services as we help to open up new spaces and opportunities for humanity. This enables us to reach more people across the globe and increase their access to value through a variety of means.
Chronicle sees this as a way to offer financial services to anyone who is not yet able to afford them.


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Chronicle aim to serve humanity through helping  saving lives and providing aids to the needy. It also will contribute to the growth in some few different arms such educational fundraising purpose, vocational rehabilitation, child development community, food donation, orphanage and.others as well.

1. Educational fundraising.

Chronicle tends to raise funds for educational purposes like repairs of classrooms and building of new classrooms. Giving scholarships to the intelligent less privilege, giving them other educational necessities and giving the children in the streets quality education

2.  Vocation rehabilitation.

The people who had been deprived from education in their childhood were at first able-bodied laborers with hopes of finding employment after a job was acquired through some legitimate source. The majority of those excluded now could not find work because they did no schooling or required formal training: They simply became unemployable due primarily (but not exclusively) lack on learning ability and/or motivation while retaining limited knowledge about how to acquire jobs which will have only small chances of success once hired. As we can see from earlier posts, this is similar situation as when one has very little time left over if he wants help even though his skills are insufficient

3.  Child development

communityChronicle tends to raise funds for child development and mentorship programs at local elementary schools. It has also been a vocal proponent of better nutrition and a good health care system for the children.

4.  Food Donation

Food is important in our daily lives there are millions all over the world today who have one meal per day or who have less nutritional meals. Chronicle tends to reach the hungry especially in Africa by providing nutritional daily meals to them. This helps prevent hunger and disease due, as part of Chronicle's mission to create a healthy life for everyone: children, elderly people from African countries, women and men with disabilities and  rural communities including farmers affected during drought.

5.  Ophanage

Chronicle will render to the orphanage funds to keep up with their electricity bills, salaries for the workers and their feeding and their livelihood as well.


The dedicated team members are working round the clock for the project to be a success. Which will be benefits for both investors and the needy. They have decided to remain anonymous.

I am an innovative, passionate to
the needy, highly tactical and resourceful thinker.


A philanthropist, Brand-building, innovation, and core retention are my strong points.


For every investors chronicle team has decided to reward every one who bought chronicle token with 10% annually. We will be very happy that everyone will get involved and the value of their contributions will improve greatly! With time.

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