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Chronicle is an ERC-20 token created as a cryptocurrency of financial opportunity, utility token empowering people which can be traded or exchanged for other tokens on an exchange platform.
     Creating jobs for his community anywhere in the world by creating in an online games and e-commerce portal etc. The concept is to enable anyone to buy and sell token on blockchain which also an be used by individuals or merchants, thereby rewarding them with there earned or profits through exchange. Also contributing to cashless policy through debit card integration or cryptocurrency transactions


Our IEO is now live,
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IC0 is Live🙂
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Price 1CXL=0.00004 ETH ($0.008)
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Listing price is $0.03.

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1.  In the economy recession where many jobs are loss
2.  Higher costs of transaction fees by traditional banks
3.  Loss of fiat currency.
4. Burden of carrying to traditional bank and the cost of transfer transactions.
5.  In the undeveloped world where the GDP per head is relatively low.
6.  Raising funds on important purpose which is difficult for the un_banked

1.  Chronicle creates online jobs for traders e-commerce store owners and game lovers.
2.  It has low transaction fee.
3.  Loss of currency has been aliminated by cryptocurrency
4.  No burden of taking currency to the bank
5.  Chronicle Token creates financial empowerment.
6. Raising funds without banking experience


1.  It will used for online games and portal payment systems.
2.  Online e-commerce payment platform.
3.  Partnership with staking platforms.
4. 10% annual returns to all who buys CXL from us
5.  Making of Chronicle debit card.


The dedicated team members are working round the clock for the project to be a success. Which will be benefits for investors. They have decided to remain anonymous.

I am an innovative, passionate to
the needy, highly tactical and resourceful thinker.


A philanthropist, Brand-building, innovation, and core retention are my strong points.

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